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Textbot 101

I have been exploring SMS messaging with a bot, such as for signing up customers to receive products.

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NPM Convention App

This convention app for Android users is my first app to be published on Google Play Store.

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Definition of Ready

Sometimes your Scrum team needs a little guidance on when a user story should be accepted into a sprint.

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Simple App Idea: Madlibs

I have been kicking this app idea around for a while now, as a way to teach my daughter about coding an Android app. Continue reading “Simple App Idea: Madlibs”

Playing Around with Firebase

If you’re an Android, iOS or web developer, you’ll love this neat little application suite of services offered by Google.

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Make A Chromebook

Convert that old laptop to a Chromebook!

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OneNote for Project Management

If you take meeting notes and share those with your team, here’s a great, free tool from Microsoft which will┬ámake your life a lot easier.

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Diagramming with Cacoo

Cacoo is an easy and inexpensive cloud-based tool for drafting workflow diagrams, network diagrams and UML diagrams.

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Risks versus Issues

Learn about the differences between risks and issues.

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