This convention app for Android users is my first app to be published on Google Play Store.

The app fulfills some basic, utility needs for convention goers, including:

  1. Download and view the entire convention program as a PDF on your Android device
  2. View over 200 different events, and add the ones you wish to attend to your personal calendar so that you can set your own reminders or share your calendar with others
  3. Accessing convention maps, both on-site to find the rooms for each event or exhibit booth, and off-site to show places and get directions with Google Maps
  4. Information and contacts with chapters across the country, including access to their website or Facebook page if they provided it
  5. Exhibitor information, as long as it was provided
  6. Shake your device to give me feedback!
  7. Attendee notifications via push notifications and posted on the Welcome tab


For me, as the developer of this app, I have added some seamless features to provide me with the health  and condition of the app including-

  1. Crash reporting using Google Firebase and
  2. Remote configuration to enable tabs which are available at convention launch (they should all be active!)
  3. Analytics to tell me how many app downloads and installs. If a user sends me feedback thru the app page that I set up (when you shake your device, for instance), then I’m also capturing the device make and model. If I find more similar devices are experiencing the same issue, this will give me a chance to understand cause and address a fix.


One thing: I didn’t get time to review, code and test all the features with the PDF reader embedded inside the app. I think it’s helpful to not just see the PDF program but to make some highlights or annotations on the pages like this illustration below.



What I would recommend to users who want to make annotations or to highlight sections on the PDF is that they open the PDF using your own preferred reader. I recommend the Adobe Reader app, which has some standard features like this and it’s free on the Google Play Store. To make it easier for users, I’ve stored the downloaded PDF files in an accessible folder called ‘NPM,’ which can be found using your File Manager or ES File Explorer app.

Please feel free to shake your device if you want to send me any feature requests or bugs found. Or, speak with Peter Brockmann at the Digital Hermosa booth!